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Individual Saucepans

Alessi two handled casserole


Frypans and Woks

Professional 14″ wok


KitchenAid Mixer


So much more than a mixer, the KitchenAid stand mixer is the ultimate cooking tool, allowing you to indulge your creativity in the kitchen. Features include: Smooth Rounded Design for easy cleaning and usage. Direct Drive that's silent, reliable & long lasting. Single Attachment Hub for ease of use & versatilty. Full metal construction that's robust, stable and durable. Original Planetary Action for fast and thorough mixing. Big Capacity (4.83L) polished bowl with ergonomic handle and pouring shield as standard. In addition each mixer comes with a balloon whisk, K beater and dough hook. Suitable for preparing both small and large quantities of food.

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Secret Spot Remover


“Take it anywhere and use it on the spot” just a drop is all it takes to remove:- oil, grease, paint, make-up, grass, clay, inks, blood, tar, spagetti sauce, coffee, rust, tumeric, pet stains in fact almost any kind of stain. Environmentally friendly.

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